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Business hours and changing your business hours.
Business hours and changing your business hours.

How Time To Reply handles business hours when calculating email response times.

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If you elect to set up your business hours when you create your Time To Reply account, Time To Reply will be default only take the time that has elapsed during business hours into account when calculating the overall average reply time and average initial response time metrics.

For example, if your business hours are 9am to 5pm Mon - Fri and an email comes in at 8:30am on a Monday morning and one of your agents replies at 9:15am, the system would view that as a 15 minute response time and not a 45 minute response time as the first 30 minutes were outside of business hours.

To edit your account business hours go to Tools > Settings > Business Hours and Leave Management > Edit Business Hours. Update your business hours and click save.

Business hours can also be set on an individual mailbox level by going to Tools > Mailboxes > Actions > Edit (Next to the mailbox that you would like to set business hours for). You will then see the option to add the specific business hours for that particular mailbox.

You can set your business hours to 00:00 and 24:00 to exclude business hours altogether and track around the clock if you want to.

Note: changing your business hours will only affect new data and have no effect on historical data.

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