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The reporting looks wrong. Why are my numbers much lower than they should be?
The reporting looks wrong. Why are my numbers much lower than they should be?
Written by Athenkosi
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When the email volume and reply time statistics appear to be incorrect or significantly lower than you’d expect, check the following:

  1. Are all of your mailboxes authenticated? – If you see a red warning icon next to the last updated time when viewing your timetoreply account, it means that one or more of your mailboxes has lost their connection to our system. Without an active connection to the system, timetoreply would not have been able to update all of the statistics for the mailbox(es). Follow these steps to fix this:

    1. Go to Tools > Mailboxes

    2. Click on ‘Status’ to sort the list of mailboxes so that all disconnected mailboxes are at the top of the list.

    3. Click the Actions button

    4. Select the 'Re-authenticate' option to send a re-authentication email to the mailbox owner.

    5. Once the mailbox owner follows the link in the email and re-authenticates their mailbox, timetoreply will update the mailbox within 2 – 20 minutes.

  2. If there is no red warning icon visible, check your active filters. You may be accidentally excluding data.

    1. Check your date range

    2. Check your ‘Show stats for’ and ‘When communicating with’ master filters.

    3. Click on ‘Advanced filters’

    4. Check which filters are active and adjust accordingly,

    5. Alternatively, click ‘Reset to default’ to reset all filters and start again

  3. If you’ve selected a Team or Group mailbox in the ‘Show stats for’ or ‘When communicating with’ master filters, check that your team is correctly configured or that your group mailbox is correctly mapped.

    1. To check the Team setup: Go to Tools > Teams

    2. To check the group mailbox mapping: Go to Tools > Shared/Group mailbox mapping.

  4. If you’ve selected a Contact or Contact Group in the ‘Show stats for’ or ‘When communicating with’ master filters, check that the Contact or Contact group is correctly configured.

    1. To check the Contact setup: Go to Tools > Contacts

    2. To check the Contact group setup: Go to Tools > Contact groups

  5. If you’ve set account-level filters, check that you’re not accidentally excluding valid Conversations and messages from your reports

    1. To check the account level filters: Go to Tools > Filters

    2. Review the blocked domains

    3. Review the blocked email addresses

    4. Review the advanced filters

      1. *IMPORTANT* – the default behavior of the advanced filters is to include data based on the filter parameters. E.g. To exclude Conversations where the subject line contains a particular keyword or phrase, set the advanced filter to: “Subject – does not equal / contain/begin with – keyword/phrase”. This will filter all data in your account to display only those Conversations where the subject line does not contain the keyword or phrase you want to avoid.

  6. If you have followed all of the steps above and are still unable to determine why your data seems incorrect, please contact us via live chat on the site or email: [email protected].

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