To get started, log in to your timetoreply account and visit


Browse to Tools > Mailboxes > Add mailboxes (one by one)

Enter the agent’s / mailbox name, enter the email address and select the Google option from the dropdown and click Send Authentication Email.

An invite email will be sent to the mailbox you have entered and it will include an authentication link. The mailbox owner needs to click on the link mailbox button in the email.

The link will redirect them to a Google login page. The user will need to log into the Google account that is being added and grant timetoreply access.

Once permission has been granted, you can refresh the Manage Mailboxes page in the timetoreply dashboard and you should see a ‘tick’ next to the mailbox that has just been added.

Approx. 10 minutes later there should be data in the timetoreply dashboard for that mailbox. You can see if there is data by going to the overview report or the message logs in the dashboard.

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