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What stats are included in the Optimiser?
What stats are included in the Optimiser?
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“Emails approaching SLA”

This section populates with emails that are approaching an SLA threshold (Goal). The emails that qualify to appear in this section would meet an SLA report that has been saved or scheduled AND/OR an alert that has been created. They are ordered chronologically, with the top one being the one that is closest to reaching its specific SLA threshold. A maximum or 5 will appear in the window. As one email is dealt with the next one will load (if there is one to respond to). The email will disappear once responded to or marked as closed. If an email goes past the response time goal, the time will turn negative and be in red for 30 minutes before disappearing from the window.

“Your email stats”

This section shows the agents key email performance metrics such as average first reply time, average overall reply time, inbound messages, outbound messages, email threads marked as closed and those awaiting a response. This section also allow the agent to compare their stats with any team(s) and/or shared mailboxes they are a part of. They can toggle between teams/shared mailboxes by hovering over the blue team icon and choose a different team/shared mailbox from the list.

“Your SLA stats”

This section displays a break down of how many emails the agent has responded to within SLA and what percentage have breached their SLA response time. Again, the agent can compare their own performance to the team(s) and/or shared mailbox(es) they are part of. You can toggle between Overall Reply Time and First Reply Time by hovering over the blue button.

“Current Conversation”

This section allows the agent to mark the email conversation that they are currently viewing as “closed” and there is the option of notifying the recipient that the conversation has been marked as closed.

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